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Imagine the wonderful insights, emotions and feelings you could experience when you connect with your friends by asking the questions you never thought to ask.

Take your next conversation with your friends to the next level by engaging in questions from world renowned communication expert Stuart Knight  He’s spoken to over one million people, and is the author of the critically acclaimed book, You Should Have Asked - The Art Of Powerful Conversation.  All you have to do is share your screen during a virtual event and instantly begin a meaningful discussion about things that matter the most. It’s fun, refreshing and the perfect way to connect with the people you like!

3 simple steps will get you to the party!

Step 1


Invite friends or family members to meet online using your platform of choice (i.e. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc)

Step 2


Make sure everyone registers individually at the link below to receive the instructions and private link to access the Conversation Party. 

Step 3

Party Hat.png

On the night of your Conversation Party, relish the feeling of living a powerful life, as you and your guests experience a hilarious, fun and thought provoking evening of connection and laughter!

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