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The Human Connection Conference

June 10-12, 2022



An intimate gathering of like minded souls seeking to raise their consciousness by sharing wisdom, telling stories and offering lessons learned from the life they have traveled thus far.


Gain knowledge.
Dive deeper.
Laugh your ass off.
Be inspired.
Shake things up.
Make new friends.
Connect with the people who will change the course of your life.


Stuart Knight

Meet your facilitator


Stuart Knight has written, produced and starred in shows that have been seen by over one million people and each year speaks around the world helping some of the planet’s biggest companies reach new levels of success.  As an international traveler, Stuart Knight writes a sought after blog, hosts a hit podcast and shares videos that are seen by over twelve thousand people every week.  He is the critically acclaimed author of two books, and today Stuart Knight encourages people to boycott what they thought and join a new revolution in thinking.  


Check out the





What to



Traditional conferences seat you at a table and point your attention toward the stage to listen to keynote speakers throughout the day.  While those types of events have their place, we want to give you an even deeper experience at The Human Connection Conference.  We believe that exciting changes can happen when people engage in meaningful conversation on topics that shape our lives.  For that reason we skip the keynotes and let our attendees be the star of the show.  Don’t worry our introverted friends, you won’t be pulled up in front of the group, and will only ever be asked to contribute on a level that suits your personality.

How does it



From first thing in the morning, until the end of the day, The Human Connection Conference is led by world renowned speaker, critically acclaimed author and award winning entrepreneur Stuart Knight.  While Stuart will definitely be sharing life changing insights throughout the event, his main role will be to facilitate conversations that unleash the wisdom of the group for everyone to learn from. 

Business People Mingling

Table Talks

Let’s face it, the kinds of people purchasing a spot at The Human Connection Conference are those who want to raise their consciousness.  If that’s who they are today, that is most likely who they have strived to be throughout most of their life.  With that approach to life comes fresh perspectives, lessons learned and value to offer.  By engaging in meaningful conversation exercises with people who have lived a life different from your own, you will be given the chance to expand your view on topics that shape the future person you will become.

Hot Seat

At multiple times throughout each day, Stuart will invite participants on stage to engage in a deeper conversation about the topic being explored at that time for the entire group to witness.  During these colourful, and often emotional exchanges, Stuart will draw out important messages for the group, while sharing valuable lessons from both his professional and personal past.

Empty Chairs in Lecture Room
Networking Event

Stories that heal

For thousands of years, growth, learning and a chance to heal happened because the right story was told.  Some were funny, while others were heartwrenching, but by the end the listener was left with a deeper understanding of themselves and the world they live in.  


The Human Connection Conference will harness the power of storytelling by tapping into the life events that shaped the people in that room.  It may be a story of love, perseverance, forgiveness, failure or a near death experience for all we know.  In all cases, these stories will give you a chance to be inspired, let go and to know you’re not alone.

"Free for all" connections

It would be a shame to bring amazing people like yourself together for three days and not create moments that can surprise and delight.  Whether it’s over breakfast, during a break or while celebrating our accomplishments for the day, you will consistently be given the opportunity to have a meaningful connection that could change the course of your life.  It could be a question of what happens when we die, or how to create greater happiness, just know that at this conference, we won’t be talking about the weather!

Business People Applauding

What does a typical day look like?

8am:            A nutritious breakfast is served accompanied by meaningful                                      conversation.


9am:            Stuart introduces the life topics that will be covered that morning,                            and will dive right into the first one on the agenda by offering a short                      lesson. (For examples of topics, please review the FAQ’s below)


Morning:      Table Talks, Hot Seats and Inspiring Stories.


12pm:           A nutritious lunch is served accompanied by meaningful                                              conversation.


1pm:             Stuart introduces the life topics that will be covered that afternoon,                         and will again offer a short lesson before turning the discussion over                       to the attendees.


Afternoon:  Table Talks, Hot Seats and Inspiring Stories.


4-5pm:        Celebrate the day!  Attendees will leave the main venue of the event                        and enjoy a cocktail or non-alcoholic beverage with Stuart and the                          other participants to discuss the big takeaways from the day.  This is                        your chance to unwind, have a laugh and connect even further.  It’s                          also an opportunity to explore a new location within The Distillery                              District.  (This section of the day is optional)


5pm:            Those choosing to keep the connection going by enjoying dinner with                      other attendees will have access to a list of restaurants in The                                    Distillery District that are less than a one minute walk.  

Sunday:       The third day of the conference will end at 3pm.

Support Group

Why do this?

  • Human connections are the gateway to new experiences, opportunities and adventures.  

  • Widen your perspective on life by listening and learning from those who live outside of your daily orbit.

  • Eliminate barriers to true happiness and be inspired to make conscious decisions that reflect your true self.  

  • Fill the “new relationships” gap left by a two year pandemic in just three days!

  • More friends equals more fun!

  • Treat yourself to a break from the norm, get energized and reinvent your future!

  • Human connections are the foundation to a life well lived.  The deeper your human connections, the deeper your experience of life will be.

What is the investment 
and what do I get?

  • $795 + HST 

  • Three days of learning, laughing and growing.

  • Includes a hot breakfast and lunch on all three days.

  • A free copy of the critically acclaimed book, You Should Have Asked - The Art Of Powerful Conversation.

  • Exclusive membership to Stuart Knight’s Connection Club that meets at a quarterly online event to engage in further teachings and meaningful conversation with other members.

  • New life-long friendships


Register Now.

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