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"Start anywhere, because anywhere is a place and anywhere will lead you everywhere."              

~ Stuart Knight, Founder of The More More

Something powerful happens when a person makes a big decision.  It’s as if there is a secret universal energy constantly listening to us that responds in equal measure to the intensity of the choice we are making.  The bigger the choice, the bigger the response.

...on January 8, 2022

sixteen people from different parts of the world will come together on a private beach nestled on the edge of a jungle in Costa Rica to spend seven days connecting to create meaningful change in their lives.  They will learn and laugh together, and some may even shed a few tears along the way.  They will share, teach, explore and grow.  Lifetime bonds will be created, and no one will leave as the person they were when they arrived.



Like everything we do at The More More, this retreat is about creating authentic connection by being more human, more often.  And we’re not talking about sitting on the beach gazing into each other’s eyes chanting to the stars above.  Instead, we’re talking about connecting to the deep reservoir of knowledge, wisdom and experience that each attendee brings to the table.  


The More More Experience is led by Stuart Knight, a teacher with over 25 years of experience facilitating and educating in the space of personal and professional development.  To date, Stuart has presented to over one million people around the world.  During this seven day retreat, he will share his biggest insights and teachings, and will enhance the learning experience by drawing out life lessons from the attendees themselves.  Like any other self development program he has created in the past, this is an experience that will change your life.


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it's all about being...

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Each day is centered around an important life topic such as Trust, Forgiveness, Adventure, Career or Happiness just to name a few. Starting out each morning, attendees are invited to join Stuart on the beach for a circle of reflection before heading to breakfast to connect with others.  After breakfast, you will enjoy some quiet time in the beauty of the jungle, surrounded by the sounds of exotic animals, as you engage in self connection exercises that will get your centred on that day's theme.


After lunch, Stuart will present a comprehensive session, followed by a group discussion where attendees can go deeper into the learning.  By mid afternoon it’s time for a break to explore, get pampered or take part in an activity such as snorkelling, swimming or hanging out a hundred feet in the air overlooking the jungle! 


When we reconvene at dinner, Stuart will reinforce the big learnings of the day, while helping each attendee identify a new life enhancing change they will make when they return home.  Then it’s time for some fun and to celebrate all that we’ve accomplished that day.

who attends?

Let’s face it, self development retreats attract people who want to expand their lives, uncover their blindspots and connect with others.  Knowing that, you will be in good company.  To help ensure that happens, we also vet attendees by getting to know them a little better before they register to make sure it’s a fit for everyone.  We fully understand that the calibre of this experience relies upon the people experiencing it, and for that reason we invite those who we believe will add value to the group as a whole.

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Tropical Beach

how much and what's included?

The investment to attend The More More Experience is $2495 CAD + HST.  Included in this price is….


  • Seven nights accommodation with a private room with a queen or king sized bed.

  • Three meals plus one snack per day.

  • Airport transfers in Costa Rica for those arriving at prescheduled pick up times.

  • Daily teachings from a self development educator with over twenty-five years of experience.

  • Course materials.

  • Two tourist excursions.

  • Three themed restaurant dinners off the property of the resort.

  • Access to the entire grounds of the resort.

  • Private entry to a pristine white sand beach with average water temperatures of 27 C.

  • One of the best times of your life!



  • Night time Jungle Tour, Scuba Diving, Massage, Horseback Riding, Ziplining, Animal Rescue Centre Tour, Chocolate Factory Tour, River Tour, and more!


Your partner can attend for half price! Awesome right?!
The only downside is that they get the other half of the bed!

Are you a fit?
Watch this information session to find out.