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  • Always respect your fellow members for the same act of bravery you took to join The More More.

  • Seek to help others first before seeking to help yourself.

  • Treat each conversation as a gift to you and to humanity. 

  • Ask the questions you have always wanted to be asked.

  • Give fellow members every reason why they should believe in themselves.

  • Genuinely compliment other members as much as you can.

  • No matter how small an impact a member makes on your life, remember the words, “Thank You”

  • If you say something you regret, don’t hide.  Instead, apologize, acknowledge how it made the other person feel and then tell them what you will do to make it right in the future.

  • Always bring your most authentic self to the table and be vulnerable.

  • Promise to share the lessons you learn during The More More events with those who may not have the privilege of being a member.

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