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For those looking to experience life on a higher level, becoming an exclusive member of The More More might just be your ticket. Once a week, vetted members are invited to join a private online event where, following a thought provoking lesson on life, they are placed in smaller groups to enjoy stimulating, invigorating and often life changing conversations on that same topic.  All members have jumped through a few hoops in order to get the official invitation to join. And yes, just like anything awesome in life, you do have to pay to play. If you find the idea of being a member to be intriguing, and you would like to go a little further down the rabbit hole to find out if you would qualify to become a member, apply below.

Who are the members?

Confident Young Man

Men and women over the age of 30.


After you invest, here come the gifts!


Weekly access to a teaching module often accompanied by expert guests.


One year access to a monthly group coaching session with founder Stuart Knight (12 sessions in total: Value $600)


Complimentary copy of the Book "You Should Have Asked - The Art Of Powerful Conversation" (Value: $20)


Weekly powerful conversations with the vetted members of the More More.


Gain exclusive access to multiple personal and professional development videos. (Value: $500) 


The one and only "I More More" T-Shirt that is bound to create powerful conversations.

So, you’ve been accepted to become a member.  

What happens now?

Video Call Chatting Communication Concep

Step 1 

Each week you will get a link to join an online event with other awesome people you don’t know….yet!

Step 2

After some opening remarks, a few laughs and a little centering, sit back and soak in a stimulating lesson that makes you smarter than you were the week before.

Step 3

It’s now time for the butterflies as you are randomly placed into groups of 3-5 members to engage in a deeper conversation about that week’s teaching.  To ensure the conversation is lively and life changing, all questions are centred around the five pillars of happiness and success. It’s all about raising your vibration Spiritually, Physically, Intellectually, Relationally and Emotionally.

Still not sure and have more questions?

Before applying, please note that exclusive membership to The More More is $43 + HST / month.

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