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Let award winning author, entrepreneur and speaker, Stuart Knight help your organization reach new levels of success by bringing human connection back!

When your organization is ready to reap the rewards of creating a culture of connection, Stuart Knight can help.  As a critically acclaimed author and award winning entrepreneur, he has spoken to over one million people helping them reach new levels of success by teaching them how to let humanity shine!

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Four Conversations For Success


Stuart Knight’s signature keynote has helped thousands of organizations around the world bring deeper meaning to the work they do by letting their people be people. This high energy, interactive and hilarious presentation promotes collaboration, strengthens bonds, decreases conflict and helps teams thrive by making human connection a strategy for your success.

Contact us today to set up your complimentary 30 minute call with Stuart to learn how he can help your team grow.

Rock It By Talking It


Great teams know each other intimately, carve out the time to have conversations that build trust and understand the importance of connecting beyond spreadsheets, reports and powerpoint presentations. Research shows that organizations that emphasize meaningful relationships experience higher productivity, less sick days and greater success.


Make it happen by choosing the virtual or live Rock It By Talking It experience today and create a team building experience you won’t forget. It’s a much needed break from work and the perfect chance for your team to strengthen bonds with this interactive, fun and thought provoking session. 


During this session, Stuart will give your group the chance to connect personally on some of life’s biggest topics, while teaching them how to build powerful relationships one meaningful conversation at a time.  

Contact us today to set up your complimentary 30 minute call with Stuart to learn how he can help your team grow.


Planning a conference? 

​ Join the Together Again campaign, where organizers are incorporating human hotspots to help attendees build meaningful human relationships, while making up for lost time!

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