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Can you guarantee my membership with The More More will make me happy?


As much as we wish the answer was yes, we can’t make that guarantee.  However, we can say that if you commit to showing up to the virtual conversations with an open heart and open mind, that it would be impossible for your happiness to not increase dramatically!  


Can I correspond with other members outside of regular scheduled events?


Hell yes!  By focussing on the five pillars of happiness, it’s all about your life improving spiritually, physically, intellectually, relationally and emotionally.  While that will happen during the online experience, we strongly encourage you to take it even further between the weekly meet ups!  The easiest way to do this is by engaging with other members on our private Facebook page, where people will be constantly posting lessons they learned from recent conversations, resources to help you lead a happier life and opportunities to connect on a deeper level.  As well, during the online events, if you wish to share your personal contact information with the members you are vibing with in the smaller groups, by all means go for it!  


What if I am an introvert?


The More More wasn’t created for extroverts or introverts specifically, but rather human beings that want a richer life experience.  We’re all about making it easy to connect and share ideas, and for that reason if you are more on the introverted side and don’t feel like talking a whole lot, that’s completely fine.  It’s not about quantity, but rather quality!  However, we also know you introverts have just as much wisdom as the extroverts, and for that reason group discussions are designed in a way to make easy for you to contribute.


Is The More More Diverse and Inclusive?


We couldn’t care less about the colour of your skin, who shares your bed or what god (if any) you believe in.  In fact, we believe too many people live in their own echo chamber, and for that reason, miss out on the opportunity to learn from a variety of voices and experiences.   That’s just one of the many things that makes The More More so great!  By bringing a truer representation of the world to the table, your chances at growth are not just limited to your orbit, but rather that of a bigger world!


What are the technical requirements?


Think of it this way.  If you were having a conversation with a friend, and all of us a sudden, they got up and walked out of the room while you were telling a story, would you find that enjoyable?  Of course not!  Well, virtual video conversations are no exception to that rule.  If your wifi sucks, it feels like you’ve left the room.  While we don’t expect you to have the same fiber optics as NASA, we do expect you to have the basics in place so that great conversations are not competing with technical malfunctions.  All members are given access to a tutorial video that will show you how to best create an environment that helps you avoid technical issues.  Members who do have really poor wifi access, and thus unstable connections to the conversations, will be asked to improve their internet speed and may be removed from the group.


What if I’m in a different time zone?


Until The More More is operating in your specific time zone, all online virtual events are produced within the Eastern Standard Time Zone (Toronto, Canada).  Unless this forces you to set your alarm for some crazy hour in the morning, we strongly feel the benefits of being a member of The More More are worth scheduling around.   

Do we ever meet face to face? 


Absolutely!  While most of the powerful conversations take place online, there are a number of ways in which members can meet face to face.  As mentioned above, members are encouraged to connect with each other outside scheduled events if they wish to continue a conversation that sparked during a More More session.  As well, throughout the year, The More More has exclusive offers to members only to join yearly vacations, retreats and conferences that provide an incredible opportunity to connect face to face.  


Can I split a membership with someone in my house?


One of the many things we value at The More More is fairness and, as you probably understand, it wouldn’t be fair to other members if we allowed some people to split the cost of a membership.  We encourage members living in the same household to find separate rooms to enjoy the experience alone.  After each event, it’s always fun to reconvene at the kitchen table to discuss what you both learned, and the positive impact that night’s event had on your life!


Can being a member help me in business?


If being a member of The More More leads you to greater success in business, we think that’s awesome.  However, we want that to happen organically.  Members using The More More platform to blatantly sell a product or service will be asked to leave, and will receive a refund on any unused fees that have been paid.


Are members allowed to be romantically involved?


Who doesn’t love to fall in love right?  If two people discovered their life partner because of their membership in The More More, we would be thrilled!  All that we ask is that it happens naturally and without someone treating this organization as a dating platform.  If we receive complaints from members informing us of someone who is aggressively trying to convert powerful conversations into an opportunity to date, we will have a chat with that member, and if it continues, that person’s membership will be immediately revoked.  


What if this isn’t for me after attending my first few online events?


If after a couple of tries, you’re not feeling the love, or getting the same value other members receive by participating, we will fully refund any fees that have been paid by you.


Am I reimbursed if I cancel my membership?


Members wishing to cancel their membership must email to indicate their intention to do so.  Members will be given the opportunity to use their membership for up to 30 days past the date of their last payment.  After that time, no other payments will be incurred by that member.


How do you vet members who are taking away from the experience or not contributing?


For the most part, self-development programs that charge a monthly fee rarely attract people who are not interested in growing personally and contributing to the lives of others.  However, sometimes one or two people can fall through the cracks.  Knowing that, The More More gives members the right to police the group by sharing feedback on those who are taking away from the experience for others.  We will always follow up on concerns about any member to see if we can rectify things, and if the behavior does not change, that member will be refunded fully and asked to leave the community. 

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