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Great teams know each other intimately, carve out the time to have conversations that build trust and understand the importance of connecting beyond spreadsheets, reports and powerpoint presentations.

Research shows that teams who create strong human bonds are 50% more productive, collaborate more frequently and experience higher levels of success.

Never before in the history of time have co-workers been as physically separated as they are today and their mental health is taking a hit. Employees no longer experience those once daily "human collisions" that strengthen relationships and establish high functioning teams.  Organizations looking to come out on top simply cannot afford to ignore this reality as the research shows how critical individual human relationships are in reaching future team goals.


Over the past twenty-five years, Stuart Knight has helped over one million leaders build the human bonds that companies must have in order to reach high levels of success.   Today, he continues that work with a virtual team building event where he facilitates a meaningful conversation between the members of your group.  Try it once, incorporate it into your quarterly meeting or make it a monthly event that brings everyone together.  It’s always fun, memorable and an investment in the relationships you need to win.

3 simple steps to get your team connected!

Step 1


Invite your team to meet online using your platform of choice (i.e. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc).  For teams larger than eight people, we recommend using a platform that allows you to create smaller breakout groups.  A new team building event is uploaded once a month for companies looking to keep the bonds strong throughout the year.  For that reason, it’s best to make your purchase less than a month in advance, but ideally a couple of weeks ahead of your meeting.  This allows you to get access to the most up to date team building experience, while having enough time to enjoy the short "tips and tricks" videos in advance that will make your event that much better!

Step 2

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After purchasing the program, you will immediately receive an email with everything you need to know to make this a great experience.  In this email you will receive links to private password protected pages on our website that will give you access to short videos that offer tips on how to create powerful conversations, along with technical support for those who haven’t run virtual meetings in the past.     This email will also provide you with a link to the main event that facilitates the amazing conversations you and your team will soon be experiencing when you meet.  Everything is super straight forward and easy to follow!

Step 3

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During your event, welcome everyone with any opening remarks you choose and when everyone is ready to go, start sharing your screen to the private webpage that was provided in advance.  You can now sit back and relax and simply follow along.  With a pre-recorded production, Stuart will take it from there as he creates an important connection between the members of your team.  It’s professional, enlightening and bound to bring your group closer together, so that you are better equipped to take on any challenge that comes your way.

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